Furnishing / Shopfitting

Furnishing design and solutions create comfort and functionality. We take care of everything. Easily. 


Our service package includes:

  • Tailored furnishing concepts
  • Innovative cash register area solutions 
  • Advanced digital solutions
  • Professional lighting solutions
  • Service and maintenance 


The furnishing can be executed as a separate project or as part of the overall delivery of the AMP service contracting model. 

Our services include the comprehensive and cost-effective execution of store environments. We also want to provide a holistic service to our customers in matters related to furnishing stores and other retail premises solutions. 


Furnishing as a service area focuses on the creation and execution of inspiring, functional and efficient retail environments We offer customers customized store furniture, innovative checkout-area solutions and a professional lighting system.

We provide full-service store solutions that help the store to create an unforgettable customer experience while also increasing the store’s efficiency. 

Our work


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