360° Transparency

This brand-new computer software service (SaaS) is ideal for digital documentation and utilization at store spaces, business premises or any spaces during the construction project and operative life cycle management.

360° Transparency

Service Design

Business space 360° transparency can be produced already in procurement phase, on the basis of which studies and plans related to service design and operational business can be made by using remote access, also internationally.  



Totius 360° transparency service improves remote planning and speeds up communication between parties related. Brand concept can be fitted to space faster and with higher quality.


Construction Transparency

360° transparency of construction phases and possibility to enrich digital material will significantly help and speed up project management, communication between planning and site and enhance realistic problem solution. Remote monitoring improves quality and payment transactions are in line to the actual readiness.  


Orientation and training 

The Totius service enables to enrich any digital material, resulting in more effective staff orientation. The orientation can be started independently, regardless of the device or location, and the training can be done remotely internationally. 


Service and Maintenance

The 360° transparency, generated in any phase of construction, significantly enhances communication and problem solving during maintenance, supporting sustainable development. Problems are easier to communicate and can be resolved faster. 

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