Three important principles for our Service contract working model:

1. Only nice surprises.

Our invincible experience of mapping sights and accuracy of offer calculations means always the most cost-effective investment without any negative impacts afterwards.


2. We will execute all at once.

We will execute a lot of work to find out practical and effective practices to each project and brief all our professional partners to the sights. For the Customer, this means quality of doing things right without time spending extra work.


3. We will offer peace of mind to all parties involved.

We are active in our communication, we will document, inform and support the client to make sure, that project will be completed according to budget and timeframe given.

We always act as a responsible partner. We are trustable partner and always follow the local legislation, like Order Responsibility Law in Finland or similar legislation internationally country per country.

Our services

All aspects of construction in high quality, cost-effective and on time

  • Planning
  • Project Management
  • Construction
  • HVAC and Electrical Contracting
  • Furnishing/Shopfitting
  • Lightning Solutions
  • 360° Transparency
  • Service and Maintenance
  • Workshop


Cooperation agreements

We work with different actors depending on the service area.

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Our partners

From concept to creation

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