Effective climate change mitigation requires a reduction in the use of fossil energy. In addition, the condition for sustainable development
is that other environmental pressures caused by human activities and the use of natural resources are reduced.

AMP-Yhtiöt Oy wants to assume its responsibility in balancing and rehabilitating the vitality of the environment by striving for a 
challenging recycling rate of more than 90{b082d45ef129be93015be5250a424e2a717b000bd162dbe3b6764018ef1a94e6}, taking care of the proper sorting of waste generated during demolition and construction work. 
The environmental policy has been made together with Lassila & Tikanoja, a leading player in the field, and its development is an ongoing 
process in cooperation with our customers. Our goal is efficient, optimal recycling of materials handled on AMP sites.

Peace of mind in contract negotiations, for all parties
Many of our customers have their own goals for implementing social and economic environmental policy. Many have woken up to the fact that 
their environmental goals cannot be limited to their own activities, but that partners must also bow to the terms of environmental policy. 
In contract negotiations, this means that quality alone, the ability to deliver a target on time and a competitive price are no longer 
enough. At the same time, good care must be taken of the environment. AMP-Yhtiöt always ensure that the recycling rate at each site is at the
 level of customer requirements.
Clear data on the site's carbon footprint
The level of recycling is agreed with the customer. If desired, we keep records of the waste generated, prepare appropriate shipment 
documents and always deliver the waste to an environmentally licensed collection point. Waste prevention is important in project planning 
and therefore advance planning is important. If it is not possible to prevent it, the next option is to reuse the collected material with 
the correct recycling which will increase the recycling rate. The last option is waste disposal.
Key figures on the site's carbon footprint can be delivered to customers in clear and visual Excel or PDF reports.

How we reduce waste

  • We prevent waste
  • We strive to reuse waste
  • We recycle
  • Other possible recovery
  • Our last option is proper waste disposal
Ongoing training ensures a top spot
We want to be a pioneer and that is why AMP staff are constantly trained. In this way, we are able to develop our environmental policy to 
meet the toughest requirements of our customers.
All persons working with waste at the AMP site are also trained in an ever-evolving operating model in accordance with AMP's environmental