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AMP Companies is a service contractor specializing in renovation construction. We are able to carry out all aspects of construction with high quality, cost-effectiveness and on time.

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No space for surprises! To our customers, workshop is the best way to find out the most sharpest common working models to fast, fluent and financially perfect methods to execute projects in practice.

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All successful projects are based on good quality of planning!

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Project Management

Quality of project management is always based on experience and professional ability. And in the best, it is saving time, effort and the most important, money.

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Quality construction work needs professional personnel to execute, and we have those. We have been close und trustful company to our partners during several years and we have a trust needed, both sided, to be able to go forward and handle any project, not depending on how complex those can be. We are a team which can professionally execute!

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HVAC and Electrical Contracting

Our services cover widely and versatile HVAC as a total!

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With lightning solutions, we are enthusiastic to create right atmosphere and functionality to any space needed.

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Good planning and solutions for furnishing creates more comfortability and better functionality to the spaces.

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360° Transparency

This totally new 360° transparency service, utilizing also artificial intelligence, when needed, suites for any business space whatever, to be able to utilize digital documentation and development during the construction project and operative lifecycle management.

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Service and Maintenance

Let´s keep spaces in good shape, cozy and functional! Good and professional service and maintenance will make sure, that premises used have a longer lifecycle and it also help to have shorter payback time for the investment made.

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